Norman, Oklahoma


David Bernstein

Are Trucking Companies allowing drivers with Sleep Apnea on the road?

In May of 2010, John and Wanda Lindsay were stopped in traffic in a construction zone on Interstate 30 near Texarkana when a semi-truck crashed into the back of their vehicle. John died as a result…

David Bernstein

New Agreement Allows Mexican Rigs in US – Is This a Good Deal?

Recently, U.S. and Mexican officials finalized an agreement to allow Mexican freight trucks to transport goods within the United States. Previously, Mexican suppliers would transfer goods at the…

David Bernstein

Are Some Trucking Companies Paying Bribes To Keep Unsafe Trucks On The Road?

Truck Safety Inspector Arrested
Safety inspections for trucks exist in order to make the roads safe for other drivers. If those inspections are to be effective, however, there needs to be proper…

David Bernstein

Trucking Companies & the Government: Are They Keeping Roads Safe?

On June 26, 2009, there was a catastrophic collision on Will Rogers Turnpike in Oklahoma when an 18 wheeler driven by a 76 year old driver who was fatigued rear-ended at 70 mph several cars, killing…