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David Bernstein

Companies must stop putting profits before safety

Two major verdicts against drug companies and distributors recently came out of Las Vegas. Both lawsuits involved the drug-maker Teva, a foreign company that manufactures the drug Propofol, and…

David Bernstein

Watch out for Flying Alligators (tires that shred in heat)

Chances are good that you will be seeing plenty of tire-tread strips along the highways this summer. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees in Oklahoma and other parts of the country, the…

David Bernstein

Are Major Tobacco Companies Financing Tort (Lawsuit) Reform?

Financing Tort Reform
It is not a secret that there is a movement in favor of tort reform. And, in order for a movement to be successful, there usually has to be a source providing financing. That…

David Bernstein

Are Some Oil Companies Putting Profits Before Safety?

Devastating Gulf Oil Spill
Oil serves a critical function in our society. If extracted properly, oil can be very beneficial. The problem occurs however, when oil companies place profits ahead of…

David Bernstein

Toyota and Lexus Recalls: Will the Proposed Fixes Correct the Defects?

Over the past twelve months, Toyota has recalled over 15 of its Toyota and Lexus models for problems with misshapen floor mats, sticking accelerator pedals, faulty engine control modules (ECMs), and…