Norman, Oklahoma


David Bernstein

Collision Avoidance Systems make cars safer

What if cars not only protected us in a collision, but cars also helped us avoid crashes altogether?

We know that over the years, automobile manufacturers have designed cars to lessen the…

David Bernstein

Never drive in poor visibility conditions

Near-zero visibility conditions due to smoke and fog on Interstate 75 south of Gainesville, Florida, lead to a long line of cars and trucks colliding last weekend. At least ten people were…

David Bernstein

Texting Kills Another Driver

A 21 year old man from Durant, Oklahoma, recently died in a single-car accident early Saturday morning on U.S. 70 east of Durant, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported. Jonathan Kinsey, 21, died…

David Bernstein

Should Conservatives Support Tort Reform?

Conservatives and Tort Reform?
Tort reform. Conservatives. They are often considered synonymous with one another. According to Fred Thompson (attorney and former U.S. Senator), however,…

David Bernstein

Accidents on Ice, Snow or Wet Roads – Is the Weather or the Driver to Blame?

Accidents happen. Or do they?
I will never forget a juror (who was a truck driver) advise me during voir dire (which is where the attorneys and judge normally ask questions to prospective jurors…

David Bernstein

Texting while driving: More states are making it illegal

Driving While Texting Bans
Accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are preventable. Others are not. Distracted driving would fall into the preventable category. That is…

David Bernstein

Failure to properly pay GAP claim could mean punitive damages

After you buy a new car or truck and drive it off the car lot, it loses value immediately. If your car or truck is totaled, many times after the insurance company pays the fair market value of the…